“With a tight time frame and unconfirmed specifications- we hurried to demo and build out our new office space with Eighty Eight. In all my years of building spaces I have never worked with such great people. Aside from architectural and material suggestions (all positive) the concept of “responsibility” is what I admire most about these guys. They do what they commit to, communicate clearly and quickly, manage the process very well and genuinely care about the outcome.”  Steve Liska



When we set out to replace our 30 year old deck, our first priority was to find a dependable contractor. The traits we looked for were; dependability, punctuality, reasonable pricing, and creativity. While this seems like a reasonable list, it’s difficult to find all of these attributes in one place, but we did. Eighty-Eight Inc. responded to our bid request within two days. The quotation was very competitive, and they were able to start the project within our timeframe. The carpenters were VERY prompt, needed no supervision, and left the area immaculate. While they were more than happy to follow our ideas, they offered some alternatives that made the final project much more useful and attractive. Would I recommend these guys? In a heartbeat.

Thanks Eric, Bill & Justin!



Chris was here right on time yesterday morning and took care of those couple little issues. We are done, and we want to thank you again for your outstanding work! Your customer service is top-knotch – you were consistently available to us, your team was always there at the time we agreed, you stayed on budget and the project was completed on time. All of these things, coupled with your knowledge, confidence, resources and pleasant demeanor, ensured we had a great experience. Rest assured we will happily recommend you any time we can.



I had the distinct pleasure of undergoing a kitchen remodeling with Eight-Eight, and I can unequivocally say the experience was fantastic!!

There are several reasons for my strong support. One: in performing our due diligence, my wife and I solicited numerous bids for the job and Eighty-Eight was the ONLY firm where both the architect and construction manager attended all planning meetings and all questions could be answered. Two, Dan and Eric were meticulous in their approach – from renderings, to revisions, to simply listening to what our “vision” for our kitchen was, they took all these things into account. Three, Bill, their lead man for our particular job was amazing!! We had no kitchen for 5 weeks, yet Bill was completely cognizant of minimizing the mess and chaos. Bill also has an incredible eye and offered many spot-on suggestions during the process that we incorporated into the project. Bill is truly a craftsman and it was easy to sense he “cares” that you get what you want and the intense pride in his own work; subsequently he was extremely professional, thorough and was on-site and hands-on for virtually everything his subcontractors did.  Eighty-Eight is a highly professional outfit with great communication and planning that really took into account our needs as a client and worked with us to fulfill the vision we had of our kitchen. Lastly, and most importantly, Dan and Eric have gained my trust and I look forward to working with them in the future.



Working with these guys was a pleasure. Dan, Eric and Bill did an amazing job on our basement renovation last Fall. They seemed genuinely excited about some of our harebrained ideas (a cat door to the laundry room, for example), and Dan did a great job of transferring our needs into a workable design. We were very happy with the execution, which included lots of different teams coming in and out, all very well organized by Eric. Bill’s finishing touches were much appreciated, and included a custom built bookcase instead of a railing and small shelves embedded into our workspace.

Incredibly, the whole project was completed almost to the penny we were quoted, except for a few extras we decided to add along the way. Eighty eight was not our lowest quote, but it was by far the most meticulous and thorough.

Thanks for making our soggy, cold, drafty basement into an amazing and comfortable studio, complete with sump pump, radiant floor heat, and cat door! We also really appreciated having guys that we trusted completely sharing our living space for 2 months and being able to communicate freely with them. Can’t wait for the next project together.